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Title: How US Scale Masters Org. Works
Post by: Randy Warkentin on Wed, 02/27/19, 12:25 AM
Hi this is for everyone. This came to lite last week when I had a complaint where a area is not being appreciated. I want to start that US Scale Masters is a volunteer organization. This is from the top on down. I volunteer and everyone else on the board are also. So to address the complaint. This year was a extra burden on finding a location for the West Coast Championships. We tried to find many different locations for the Championships. We found several locations and unfortunately it did not work out for them. There were many reasons why but the bottom line the different clubs did not feel it worked for them. The reason for this post is back to the original volunteer part of Scale Masters. If you as a Scale Masters competitor or avid follower of Scale Masters wants to have a Championships in there area then you need to talk it up within the hopefull host club. It takes only one person to get it started. We Scale Masters do not just randomly start sending out emails to different clubs hoping that one decides it sounds interesting. It takes a local person to get the ball rolling by contacting there local club and then contacting Scale Masters. So if you would like to have a contest in your area talk it up with the proposed Host club and contact Scale Masters preferably the board member that is the rep for your area and we will try our best to make it happen. We are here to help and the staff will try our best to help in any way that we can. That means that you have to volunteer to get the ball rolling.