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Title: New for 2013
Post by: Randy Warkentin on Wed, 11/13/13, 12:13 AM
Hello to all, I have been asked to fill in for the West Coast Vice Chairman seat and I have accepted. Some of you know me and I will try and do it well. My door or should say my phone and email is always open if you have a idea I will always want to hear it. Hope to see you at as many Qualifiers as I can again this year. Last year I made it to 5 I do not want to do any less. Thanks in advance for the support for the remainder of the term.

Randy Warkentin
West Coast Vice Chair
Title: Re: New for 2013
Post by: Randy Warkentin on Thu, 10/02/14, 12:13 AM
Some of you know and some not but there has been some interest to bring the champs to the middle of the Nation for 2015. I think this is a great idea giving the middle some reason and also not being such a long haul for both the West and the East to come together. So far that has not happened.  If you know of a club or area then please let us know. There has been talk of Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas but  no one or club has come forth. We are trying hard to feel this request but we need help to do this. If you have a good idea on how we can make this happen AKA a club or contact then please let us know. A few years a go we had West, East, and Central maybe this is a good time to bring it all back.
Randy Warkentin, West Coast VP