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Title: Building scale models
Post by: Skymaster on Tue, 10/23/12, 04:12 PM
Hey guys. I've gotten more involved in the USSMA and this site since the finals. I'd like to pitch the idea that we start using this site for build threads. You don't have to be one of the "big dogs" to post. You just need to be passionate about your project, then write about what your working on, why you picked the subject, where to find stuff, or how you do something. We OUGHT to be the place where folks come to see or find out how to build scale models.
Title: Re: Building scale models
Post by: Guy Fawcett on Wed, 10/24/12, 01:45 PM
Sounds great but what is the procedure for attaching images?

Title: Re: Building scale models
Post by: Mitchell Baker on Wed, 10/24/12, 02:26 PM
Give me a few to test some things out and I will put up a short tutorial.  --Mitch
Title: Re: Building scale models
Post by: Skymaster on Fri, 10/26/12, 01:13 PM
Hey Guys!!

The weather has turned sour here in the Midwest and it's time to head to the shop and start gluing stuff together.

For those who were at the Finals, I brought my Cessna Skymaster to fly. I managed to get in 2 practice flights but on Friday morning I has a partial retraction sequence when I turned on. That snapped off the steering arm on the nose wheel, and couldn't fly. I've had issues with the retract valve since Top Gun. I have a Dreamworks electronic sequence valve that is super high on the cool factor, but not reliable.
This weekend I'm heading up to see Darrel at Serra to get the repaired gear. Yes Darrel didthe nose unit and got it repaired quickly. I'm also replacing the electronic valve with a UP 3 (I think). Hopefully after going back to old school technology, and fixing the door hinges, I'll get in a full set of rounds next summer.

I'm also picking up one of his 23% Bob Patton desinged T-28s for my next build projects to begin later this winter.

What are you working on?