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Title: New possible contest formats
Post by: bwboland on Mon, 02/13/12, 04:05 PM
Hello US Scale Master members,

I would like to share some of the ideas recently talked about at the 2012 AMA show in Ontario CA in Jan 2012.

The ASSMA team at the Show was
Curtis Kitteringham (West Coast VP)
Mike Peck (AZ Area Director)
Richard Barndt (Director of Finance)

We talked between us about a Scale Starter contest format. This format would be for Fun and Open class only with the venue being a one day event. We through all sorts of ideas like judging from within the classes. These contest could be the beta testing for new scoring software and rules?

Mike Peck signed up as the owner and is working to try a few of these in AZ very soon. I will let Mike jump in and share his traction.

The big view is to get people at the lower level back engaged and flying. Growth of USSMA will be guided from the top and driven from the bottom in my view for us. Please jump in and share your ideas and views on things like this.

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Best regards,

Bernie Boland