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Title: USSMA Flight Maneuvers Booklet Update
Post by: waconut on Fri, 08/26/11, 08:01 PM
The USSMA Flight Maneuvers Booklet has been updated and is identified as:
(Version Update: Uploaded 08/26/11)
This file is contained in Downloads / Competition Aides.

The USSMA Flight Maneuvers Booklet comprises the scale maneuvers most often executed during USSMA Qualifiers and the Championships and are as described in the 2010 USSMA Competition Guide or in the AMA 2009-2010 Regulations Guide.  It is recommended that these documents be obtained and thoroughly read.  The AMA Regulations Event 512 and 522, and especially the Radio Control Scale Flight Judging Guide section contain the maneuver descriptions. The more advanced maneuver descriptions are to be found in these documents as well.  Each maneuver is self-contained and is comprised of a graphic representation, a description of the maneuver and execution.

From the Readme:
The US Scale Masters Flight Maneuvers Booklet is a PDF file printable in booklet format; i.e., 4 pages per 1 sheet of paper. Anyone with a printer can print their own booklet or can take the file to a Professional print facility and have them print it. One just prints the odd numbered pages first, then \"flips\" the pages over (per one\'s printer flip instructions) and then prints the even numbered pages. Would like to thank Ed Clayman for his input to  this document.
/Chuck Maitre (8/26/11).

Title: Re: USSMA Flight Maneuvers Booklet Update
Post by: Roly on Mon, 08/29/11, 04:46 PM
Hello Chuck and All,

Nice to see, this booklet is very helpful.

Some questions commonly asked at events & otherwise are covered in the Scale Masters guidelines 4.6. Adding this to the booklet may save some people from learning through experience ( usually not so good experiences).

4.6 The following are examples of mandatory zero scores for specific maneuvers or sequence of

.1 Crossing the deadline at any time during flight
(0 for the maneuver being performed or for the previous maneuver)

.2 Maneuver(s) performed out of sequence
(0 for the skipped maneuver(s) but judge the rest normally)

.3 Touching the model after any maneuver starts such as when restarting an engine after the
takeoff roll has begun (10 point loss), see 9.5 for engine restarts (unless directed to do so by
the CD or Air Boss).

.4 Model flips over on its back on landing (except tailskid aircraft, see 5.4.2 on page 18)
U.S. Scale Masters Association 2011 USSMA Competition Guide 2/26/2011 • 15

.5 Use of similar or redundant flight options for maneuvers or scale operations in maneuver
           - e.g. Roll, then Military Roll, then 2 point Roll, etc.

.6 If the aircraft becomes airborne with flying speed and is forced to land immediately or
anytime thereafter before the flight is complete, any maneuvers not performed before
landing have effectively been skipped and will be scored zero as in item 4.6.2 above.

Title: Re: USSMA Flight Maneuvers Booklet Update
Post by: waconut on Mon, 08/29/11, 08:30 PM
 The previous version of this US SCALE MASTERS FLIGHT MANEUVERS Booklet did in fact note some downgrades and zero scores that could occur due to inexperienced pilots and/or just screw-ups.
I chose to revise the Booklet to discuss more maneuvers than in the previous version and provide a structured learning platform for pilots for proper execution of most maneuvers performed at USSMA (and AMA) Scale contests. 
Pilots, whether competing in Expert, Team, Advanced or Open, should, as you indicate, READ the USSMA Competition Guide, especially:
Sections IV Flight Judging thru Section IX Miscellaneous Event Logistics.
Note that the Booklet is also valid for the 2011 USSMA Competition Guide.
Title: Re: USSMA Flight Maneuvers Booklet Update
Post by: Tim Lovet on Wed, 08/15/12, 04:14 PM
Not sure I understand the "redundant" manuever part.  A military roll, two-point roll and a four-point roll are all distinctively different and present as such to the judges.  Please explain why a military roll and two-point roll cannot be in the same flight. :-[
Title: Re: USSMA Flight Maneuvers Booklet Update
Post by: Mitchell Baker on Thu, 08/16/12, 04:31 PM
Tim and all, Chuck Martie passed away this week.  We have lost a great supporter of Scale competition and USSMA...  I am going to lock this thread, if someone has specific questions about maneuvers, please start a new thread... Thanks...