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Post by: Tim Lovet on Sat, 07/15/17, 01:04 PM
I thought I would stop by the Official Website to gather some information on the 2017 Championships...........However there is NO INFORMATION!!!!
Why is that?  I looked on the calendar, looked in the forum.  I think I covered all the spots, but to no avail.
Is there a newer competition guide than 2013?  What are the dates?  Where is the hotel?
Title: Re: WHERE'S THE BEEF???
Post by: Curtis Kitteringham on Mon, 07/17/17, 12:11 AM
On the web is the 2016 guide, we have not changed any thing for 2017 working changes for 2018. The 2017 Champs is in Seymour In. Sept. 13- 17th the host club is the Southern Indiana Flying Eagles. The hotel,motels are close to airport that e will be using for the contest. It is a closed down base turned into an airport, the city has repaved the runway that the club uses for us. There is open dry camping and we should have a hanger to use for storage. I have been slow getting info to Mitch, at this time he is working on updating the home page.  We keep you posted as I put info on the web. I will first post on my page. Randy Warkentin will be updating the qualified list 
Hope to see you there
Curtis K.     
Title: Re: WHERE'S THE BEEF???
Post by: flyermd90 on Mon, 07/31/17, 10:09 PM
Curtis et al,
OK finally today is a little info (ie sponsors) on the contest on the site. The 'Hotel Info' link did not work for me. Where is the schedule?  It is 6 weeks away. The Texas contingent would like to plan our trip but this is difficult with no schedule. When does static judging start? When is pilots meeting for round 1? Is it really a 5 day contest (13-17)? It is a hard trip, some folks work and need to plan. I'm sure other out of towners would like this info, too. I have received no emails.
Darrell Abby
2017 member #503
Title: Re: WHERE'S THE BEEF???
Post by: flyermd90 on Mon, 07/31/17, 10:25 PM
Aahaa, I found a flyer on the Flying Eagles web site. It was posted in March so hopefully the info is accurate. It lists events by the day, not times. This helps.
Wonder why the flyer isn't on USSMA site? Maybe I just can't find it.
Title: Re: WHERE'S THE BEEF???
Post by: Mitchell Baker on Tue, 08/01/17, 02:19 PM
Hotel link should now work.  
The schedule is as always for the champs.....
Wed the 13th pre-reg starting around 3pm or whenever I get there...
Thurs Registration and Static Judging
Flying 2 rounds Friday, 2 rounds Sat, 1 Round Sun, Awards
Hanger Partly Friday night
Banquet Sat night...
Title: Re: WHERE'S THE BEEF???
Post by: flyermd90 on Tue, 08/01/17, 07:21 PM
Ok, thanks, Mitch. Maybe there are first timers out there who don't know what the schedule has been in the past. Then there are those old guys like me who forget from 2 years ago.