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Title: MERRY CHRISTMAS/ 2017Championship news
Post by: Curtis Kitteringham on Sat, 12/24/16, 06:52 PM
     Hope this message finds everyone ready for the coming holidays
On behalf of the USSMA staff we wish you our members and friends a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR
For the coming year of 2017 the USSMA CHAMPIONSHIP will be hosted by the Southern Indiana Flying Eagles
The date is September 13, 2017 through September 17, 2017 the club is located in Seymour In. the club site is on the Freeman Field Airport grounds.
They fly off of a runway on the west side of the airport its a North/South runway , their web site is www.siferc.com (http://www.siferc.com) they have pictures of the flying area posted. At this time they are getting the runway ready, camping on site site, hotel/motels very near the site.
Will be posting more next year, on a different note I would like to bring attention to our vendors that stepped up at the 2016 Championship, ZAP/House of Balsa, Frank Tiano please show your support back to them. I would also like to thank Ken Young for taking pictures of the models at this years champs and featuring them in his 2017 calendar product again please show your support back, you can check out the calendar at
www.kensaeroden.com (http://www.kensaeroden.com)
   I Wish all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS sure hope Santa brings a new model for you to fly in the 2017 Championship
Curtis Kitteringham