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Title: RC Scale Competition Slide Show Presentation
Post by: scottenochs on Tue, 05/12/15, 12:16 AM
Hi Everyone,

This slide show was created very late last year as a means of promoting interest in scale competition.  Specifically, we were/are trying to generate interest for more scale events in the Pacific Northwest.  To that end it is also promoting NWSAM (North West Scale Aero Modelers), my regional scale organization.  The presentation is aimed at the novice who knows little about scale competition, and to dispel myths that you can't compete if you don't have a world class model or are not a world class pilot.  It also promotes FUN!  It has been presented in Southern Oregon at a couple of club meetings to try to generate interest for a qualifier in the southern part of the state.  This presentation is also posted on the NWSAM site.

Although formatted for NWSAM & USSMA, it could be edited for use by other organizations around the country. NASA?  One Eighth Air Force?  Other regional scale squadrons or clubs just trying to help out?   The idea is for the regional organizations to try to help develop local interest and then offer assistance to the "newbies" to get a new event up and running, including training judges.

The attachment is a pdf.  The original presentation is a MS Power Point (5.7 Mb).  If anyone would like to edit it for their region I would be happy to provide the Power Point to them.  I'll need your e-mail if you want it sent.

Happy viewing!  Hope you like it.  The goal is to expand interest in and grow more scale events.

Scott Enochs
Title: Re: RC Scale Competition Slide Show Presentation
Post by: Tom Wolf on Sat, 05/30/15, 10:12 AM
Outstanding presentation Scott!  I put something similar together and have been presenting it to clubs in my area to try to drum up more interest.  It is well worth the effort.
Title: Re: RC Scale Competition Slide Show Presentation
Post by: rcphotog on Sun, 09/27/15, 07:33 PM
I just read through your pdf presentation and found it to be very informative for both the 'newbie' as well as veteran competitors.

On page five, bottom left, is a photo of a judge scoring a flight round and he is using a laminated card - Masters Feedback Symbol Library as an aide
to provide feedback to the pilot. This is a terrific idea.
This "Feedback Symbol" card should be handed out to each pilot at registration. It would be very helpful when reviewing the scores after each round.
I realize that the symbols are printed on each pilot's score sheet but they get cut off when using the - "tear-off" type of score sheets. And many pilots
don't even know about the symbols. 

This presentation is a very good summary or intro to scale-competition. :-)