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Title: Optional Score Sheet & Flight Feedback Symbols for 2015
Post by: scottenochs on Thu, 05/07/15, 10:48 PM
With the beginning of the new competition year I wanted to help make everyone aware of a new score sheet option and flight judging feedback symbols.  Copies of both are attached, as well as a Guide for use of the feedback symbols.  A copy of the optional score sheet is also included in the 2015 Competition Guide, but development of the symbols was just a bit too late to get those included in this year's Competition Guide.

It’s very important to note that this is a change to the score sheet only.  It does not change any of the scoring content/criteria for maneuvers 1 - 9 or maneuver 10 Overall Flight Realism.  Also, it is an OPTION….no one has to use it if they prefer the traditional score sheet.  It is intended to help judges provide better feedback to pilots and for pilots to better understand the scoring content.  I also hope it might help judges to more accurately score a maneuver and aid in consistency between judges.
For each flight maneuver the score sheet has a column for Precision, Placement, and Realism, and Options, Power, and COF for Overall Flight Realism.  
 The score sheet could be used in different ways.  For Flight Maneuvers 1-9:
For Maneuver 10 Overall Flight Realism:
The competition guide is quite specific that scoring for Overall Flight Realism is for "how well the aircraft maintains a general realistic appearance on the ground and in the air before, between, or after selected maneuvers."   Section 9.10 Flight Realism and Score Sheet Review in the Guide says: “ After the flight has concluded, the flight judges shall confer to review the numerous Overall Flight Realism qualities as described in this Guide.  Identical flight realism scoring is not required. Individual judgment scores will still be of value for statistical averaging similar to others.  Any zero scores given for any maneuver shall be mutually agreed upon by both flight judges and both will give identical scores of zero.”

 This is also the time to review any automatic downgrades. List of Automatic Downgrades are as follows:
 a). No Retracts. If the model does not have retractable gear when the full size did, then deduct 4 points from the Overall Flight Realism score.
 b). No Flaps. If the model does not have or the pilot does not use flaps during the flight where applicable, deduct 2 points from the Overall Flight Realism score.
 d) No Pilot Figure. A pilot figure must be visible during flight (if the full size was visible) or the score will be downgraded by 2 points for Overall Flight Realism.

Again, copies of the optional score sheet, a one page handout of the feedback symbols, and a Guide to use of the symbols are attached.  I will be requesting the judges at my Qualifier in July to use and evaluate the new score sheet and flight symbols.   I hope others will either precede or follow with an evaluation also.

To all....great flying and great fun!

Scott Enochs