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Title: So. Cal Quailifer
Post by: Curtis Kitteringham on Sat, 12/13/14, 06:52 PM
So. Cal Quailifer

Start Date: 04/11/2015 End Date: 04/12/2015

Hosted By: Hemet Model Masters in Hemet, Ca Riverside

Contact Info:
Contest Director: Curtis Kitteringham CD AMA # 449672
CD contact e-mail cak11@cox.net (cak11@cox.net)
CD Contact Phone # 760-807-5519

Web Link for more information www.hemetmodelmasters.org (http://www.hemetmodelmasters.org)

USSMA Classes:
Expert Yes   Team Yes
Advanced Yes  ProAm/Pro Y
ProAm/Sportsman Yes

Additional Information Given:
There is open camping at the field, large over fly area and redesigned pit area. Gas, glow, electric models welcome flying. Turbines models welcome if not in a RED flag condition weekend. Static judging starts at 0930 Saturday morning.  

Title: Re: So. Cal Quailifer
Post by: s3nfo on Sun, 12/14/14, 08:22 PM
Good to see this one on the schedule, I always enjoy the Hemet qualifier.

Title: Re: So. Cal Quailifer
Post by: Curtis Kitteringham on Mon, 12/22/14, 12:59 AM
I am looking forward too all of the So.Cal with Central Cal, AZ, NV  contestants to mix it up for a fun contest. We should have a good turn out.
Curtis Kitteringahm 
Title: Re: So. Cal Quailifer
Post by: Flyfast1 on Mon, 03/09/15, 07:07 PM

The directions on the host club's Website appear to show two fields, the "Simpson Field" and the "Davis Field".  Where will the event be held?


-Ed B.
Title: Re: So. Cal Quailifer
Post by: rcphotog on Mon, 03/09/15, 10:14 PM
Hi Ed,
The contest will be at the Simpson Field.
Sorry, I did not think to include that on my flyer. :-[
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail or call me.
(661) 236-4356
I'm assisting Curtis and I will be at the flying field all day on Friday the 10th to "meet n' greet" early arrivals.
The field will be available Friday for practice. AND I just confirmed yesterday that we will be eating some great food Saturday & Sunday! :)
I was at the field all day yesterday and it's in terrific shape. The club recently patched all the cracks on the runway AND those nasty cracks in the pits.
We also took down most of the fencing that was always in the way under the pavilion. So now you can easily move your model around between the pavilion and the flight line without lifting it over the fence. We are planning to build some new setup tables BUT, that might not happen in time.
So if you need a large setup table like a 4x8 I suggest bringing one (folding) if you can fit one in your car. We've never had those large tables and I'm pushing to get some built. The tables we do have are maybe 3x6 at most.
We're so glad to see you coming Ed! Please tell your friends to come also! ;D
ps; We require all pilots to have with them a fire extinguisher and a personal first aid kit when flying at HMM. It's becoming a requirement now at all flying sites to bring a fire extinguisher and a small personal first aid kit is only about $10.00 and is a good idea to have in your car anyway.
Title: Re: So. Cal Quailifer
Post by: rcphotog on Tue, 03/10/15, 08:40 AM
Some recent photos of the Hemet Model Masters' "Simpson-Field" for those who have not yet flown here.(you need to be logged in to see photos)
Title: Re: So. Cal Quailifer
Post by: rcphotog on Tue, 03/10/15, 08:47 AM
...a few more
Title: Re: So. Cal Quailifer
Post by: rcphotog on Tue, 03/10/15, 08:49 AM
...a couple more
Title: Re: So. Cal Quailifer
Post by: Flyfast1 on Tue, 03/10/15, 01:38 PM
Looks like a nice flying site.  Lots of open space.  Is the field secure at night?

-Ed B.
Title: Re: So. Cal Quailifer
Post by: rcphotog on Tue, 03/10/15, 05:06 PM
Ed & others,
The guys that practice on Friday usually tear down and pack up. However, if someone is camping overnight on Friday, then they
usually don't mind you placing your model next to their camper. We do this practice each year and have never had any problems.
I believe there will be a few campers this year from San Diego to San Jose.
And so there will be security by virtue of someone there all the time during the contest. The only concern we have is sometimes we get high
winds during the overnight hours and then it's dead calm in the morning. So if you leave your models out be sure to tie them down. You can use
the open pavilion for overnight storage. It will also keep the dew off as well. Several guys will be doing the same with the larger models. If the wind does blow hard overnight, it will come out of the west and you can use our storage containers at the west end as a wind block. We usually only get those high overnight winds when there's a low pressure in the area which may also bring sprinkles. But keep in mind that Hemet is a desert region. Usually very dry,even in the winter. All-in-all, Hemet is a great area for hosting a scale contest.

Don't forget that we have historic Hemet-Ryan airport only 2.5 miles away;
Historic March Field & Air Museum is only 20 miles and less than 30mins away;
The Planes of Fame Air Museum and the Yanks Air Museum (at Chino Airport) is 70 miles away;
The San Diego Air & Space Museum is about 83 miles away;
The U.S. Marine Corps Air Museum (at MCAS Miramar) in San Diego is about 70 miles away;
The Palms Springs Air Museum is about 48 miles away;
...all within a 90 minute drive from Hemet.
So if you plan it right, and want a great week long vacation, you could come to Hemet on the previous weekend and take in some pretty great air museums (get some great documentation) all week long and then cap off your trip with our annual SoCal Regional Qualifier. We could probably even find a club member to hold on to your model for you while you visit these museums so you don't have to leave it your car.
Hemet is centrally located for a great time in SoCal. ;D

...AND one of the best features about our field, the sun is never in your eyes. (except during the end of summer around 4pm) as it sets to the (left) west.
So this time of year, the sun will not be a problem. It will be at your back all day. ;)

Title: Re: So. Cal Quailifer
Post by: Curtis Kitteringham on Wed, 03/18/15, 12:41 AM
Thank You for your help on this, Ed hope to see you at the event with as many contestants as possible.
Curtis Kitteringham
Title: Re: So. Cal Quailifer
Post by: rcphotog on Sun, 03/29/15, 08:21 PM
T-shirts,sweatshirts,hats and mugs are now available for the SoCal regional qualifier 2015!
If you don't see what you would like - let me know and I'll add it to the selections. For example: a shirt style that you prefer but don't see, like
jersey shirts or a specific combination of style and color and artwork. As you can see I've included six coffee mug designs using uniquely different
logos/designs. Th mugs come in three sizes: standard 11.5oz & "HUGE" at 20oz ...and also "large" at 15oz. only two show up in the collection but
if interested in the "HUGE" 20oz mug, click on the small one and you'll see the option for the 20oz. Sorry for the confusion but it's them, not me.

I'll be adding additional items in the coming days. Like mouse pads,sports bottle,wall clock, event-souvenir poster etc.

There's still time (at this writing) to order your shirt in time to ware it during the contest if you wish to BUT you need to order before Tuesday for economy shipping,otherwise you'll have to pay an extra $1.50 for standard shipping. Rush shipping is available too.

I hope you like these items!
See you on the flight line!
http://www.cafepress.com/kensaeroden/12359206 (http://http://www.cafepress.com/kensaeroden/12359206)
Title: Re: So. Cal Quailifer
Post by: rcphotog on Wed, 04/08/15, 06:13 PM
If you have blank wall space needing to be filled in your workshop or Aeroden, then you'll want to share your love of competition-scale with the official contest souvenir poster. ;)
Order yours today!
www.cafepress.com/kensaeroden/12359206 (http://www.cafepress.com/kensaeroden/12359206)

Title: Re: So. Cal Quailifer
Post by: drice on Mon, 04/13/15, 01:46 PM
I went, and flew in Pro-Am Pro. This is my 3rd enrollment in this event, and this time, we had Absolutely PERFECT weather this year. It's usually pushing 90 degrees, but was only about 80 this year...And the winds are typically close to 20MPH, and in one case, a couple years ago, gusting over 30...which made that round VERY exciting!
But none of that this weekend. I don't think the winds were ever much more than 10MPH...although they were often coming from any direction OTHER than right down the runway, which makes the Takeoffs and Landings far more entertaining.

I don't think there was a single crash, nor any major damage...which is excellent! A couple of very minor mishaps perhaps, but nothing serious.

The highlight for me was that Tom Wolf showed up with his 2013 Championship winning Mosquito...and I have to say that his flying of that plane is as close to watching the real thing as I think I've ever seen, and he won the Expert division, even though he was beaten by at least a couple points, on the static table, by a big Hawker Typhoon...which tied for Hi-Static, which I believe was only 96.5. If that's not correct, mea culpa...I'm no reporter. (http://www.rcscalebuilder.com/forum/smileys/smiley36.gif)

I believe Michael Radu was the other tie for Hi-Static, although I believe in his case, he was in Advanced, but the requirements are the same as Expert. Mike had a BUSA 1/4 scale Fokker DVII, that was VERY impressive. Mike had some issues during the flight programs, but I think he still managed to get qualified for the Finals.

There were are least 20 entrants across 5 classes, but only 1 Team entry, and only 2 entries in Pro-Am Sportsman. Entrants in Advanced, Pro-Am Pro, and Expert were pretty equal...about 6 per class.

I don't know who won all the classes, or who all the placers were...cuz again...I'm no reporter.

One of the cool items from this weekend were there were at least 2 guys there that had never been in, or to, a scale contest before, and had NO IDEA what they were doing...but they got lots of help from the competitors, and the judges gave lots of great feedback and pointers as well.

As always...there were about 1/2 the planes being flown reasonably well...and about 1/2 that, at some point in their routine..."Lose the Plot", and go on walk-about...which I always find hilareous...especially when it happens to me...(http://www.rcscalebuilder.com/forum/smileys/smiley36.gif)

I took a ton of video. I'll be putting together a takeoff video, a landing video, and a couple complete (more or less) routine videos, of a couple planes that I found interesting for one reason or the other.

The best part is that I took absolutely NO video of my own plane...(http://www.rcscalebuilder.com/forum/smileys/smiley36.gif)

Wait a couple days, and then just look up Don Rice on Youtube, and you can look at the "Recent Uploads" section to find the stuff from this weekend.

Great time! Thank you to Curtis, who was the CD, and to the Hemet Model Masters club. This was an excellent event.
Title: Re: So. Cal Quailifer
Post by: j_whitney on Mon, 04/13/15, 03:36 PM
Thanks Don!
Title: Re: So. Cal Quailifer
Post by: drice on Tue, 04/14/15, 01:15 AM
Hey Guys, here's a bunch of videos from this past weekend.
I suck with names, and faces, and quotes, and basically have CRAFT, so if I have any of the facts wrong, feel free to comment on it on the video threads.
It was great flying with y'all, and see you again soon.
Don Rice
ps: I've never posted links, so I have no idea if any of this is going to work...but here goes.......
Cessna Bobcat:
https://youtu.be/1k67YSe7pRc (https://youtu.be/1k67YSe7pRc)
Hawker Typhoon:

https://youtu.be/6m1qXP61-dI (https://youtu.be/6m1qXP61-dI)

Fokker DVII:
https://youtu.be/V87rVtHdlVw (https://youtu.be/V87rVtHdlVw)

https://youtu.be/H7X2AqA2kPQ (https://youtu.be/H7X2AqA2kPQ)

Howard Ike:
https://youtu.be/cmeudNVZyrI (https://youtu.be/cmeudNVZyrI)

Jerry’s L4:
https://youtu.be/bVOLvd0897s (https://youtu.be/bVOLvd0897s)

Stearman PT17:
https://youtu.be/YQzegheNGGg (https://youtu.be/YQzegheNGGg)

Ryan STA:
https://youtu.be/gGBX_ugtssU (https://youtu.be/gGBX_ugtssU)

https://youtu.be/Wg9A-5F8zRE (https://youtu.be/Wg9A-5F8zRE)
https://youtu.be/m4pvde5Zbbw (https://youtu.be/m4pvde5Zbbw)


http://youtu.be/v_fBbrfN4Qo (http://youtu.be/v_fBbrfN4Qo)
Title: Re: So. Cal Quailifer
Post by: Scale Dail on Tue, 04/14/15, 07:34 PM
This was a very fun event! I always try to enter the Hemet qualifier. These days it is hard to find guys that build and like aviation history. At these scale contests most everybody is into that.
And this year there was some really good scale flying! Not to mention the models were just dripping with scale goodness! I come home from these events and am all jazzed to get building! Can't wait for the next one, and to bring my next small scale model to kick a** on GIANT! Because in Scale Masters it does not matter how BIG it is, it is how SCALE it is!
Title: Re: So. Cal Quailifer
Post by: Flyfast1 on Thu, 04/16/15, 04:45 PM
This was my first time at the Southern California Qualifier at Hemet and it was a fun event.  It was nice to meet and fly with other scale modelers, especially the modelers from Southern California whom I had not met before.  The weather was very nice and fortunately there were no major mishaps with aircraft.  The static and flight judges were some of the most helpful and friendly I have been around.  Thanks to Curtis and the club for hosting the event.

Thanks to Ken for designing the merchandise for the event.  I just ordered a long sleeve t-shirt.

-Ed Becker
Title: Re: So. Cal Quailifer
Post by: rcphotog on Sun, 04/19/15, 04:25 PM
I want to thank Richard Pope for accepting my invitation to video our SoCal qualifier this year. I used to try and shoot a little video while also taking stills and it is just too much for me to do both. So I really appreciate Richard's time and effort for providing us with some future memories. He managed to film most of the models going through static judging as well as in action on the flight line.
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frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>