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Title: USSMA 2015 Champs
Post by: Curtis Kitteringham on Thu, 12/24/15, 12:12 AM
First off I need to apologize for the slow information posting from us. No real reason for it and we are working on correcting it, with that I am looking for someone that will step up too help Mitch get the postings in. I have asked this before will no luck maybe it will work this time. Now I would like to thank Barry Raborn, all of the volunteers that steeped up to help put the Champs on and the club for hosting the event. A few of the volunteers traveled some distance each day to help, now I am not talking 30,45 minutes one way, I am thank full for the 1 to 2 hour drive one way each day a few did. This is what the hobby is about and I appreciated each and everyone one of them. The contestants put on a great show, they were there to help each other and learn from the old hands at the contest. We made several new friends and future contestants for our next stop in Texas. I would like to congratulate Mike Barbee our 2015 Grand Champion well deserved honor. Also to all of the contestants on behalf of the of USSMA we Thank You for spending the weekend with us competing in a true scale contest as all the first timers found out it is not easy and can be a lot of FUN.

Hope to see as many of you as possible in 2016 Championship
Again congratulations to Mike Barbee 2015 Grand Champion

Curtis Kitteringham